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American Primed white baluster
European White Painted spindle
White newel post
White primed handrail
White primed baserail
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  Fujian shunchang kenlin wooden products CO.,LTD. Was founded in the year of 1998, and located in the industry area of Jianxi Road, Shunchang county, Fujian province. We own an area of 33,800 square meters.
  Currently, we have 9 lumber drying kilns which helps to reduce the cost and maintain stable moisture content of the lumber. The full automatic static spraying equipment and most of other machines are from Taiwan. We can manufacture all kinds of balusters, newel posts and rails.
  We have been exported to the USA, Canada, the UK and other European countries for over 10 years.
  We can supply you with primed white products and hemlock products including balusters, newel posts and handrails. The inner wood we use for the primed white products are maple and birch.
  Over the past years, we have established good relationship with our customers based on good product quality, competitive pricings, and good service. We have become the main supplier for the leading stair parts company in the USA.
  Anyone who is interested in setting up long-term business relationship with our company, please feel free to contact us by email, phone or fax!  Tel:0086-599-7653111  FAX:0086-599-7653111   Fujian shunchang kenlin wooden products CO.,LTD.
Address:NO.10 Sentie Road Jianxi,Shunchang,Fujian,China   zip code:353201
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